Ghosts of Gettysburg VII

Die Again Once More

What happens when the boundary between the living and the dead disappears?

Mara McKay is anxious to get her new life started and leave her past behind, but when the subject of her book commits “suicide,” she is thrown into a world of ghosts and psychics, turning her belief system, and love life, upside down, as she fights to hang on to her mortal soul.

***Not appropriate for children under 18!



Mark Nesbitt combines his knowledge of the paranormal and the Civil War in his new work of fiction Die Again Once More.

The worlds of the dead and the living are about to collide and Mara McKay is at ground zero. With her first book contract in hand, Mara sets up temporary residence in the hometown of the subject of her book, Ricard Fisher, a quirky physics professor. The bizarre circumstances surrounding his death, the day after their first meeting, cause Mara to question everything she has ever believed about life and death. Mara inadvertently edges closer to the world of the dead when she becomes involved with a handsome paranormal investigator and his team. Will Mara succumb to the erotic darkening dreams the Civil War spirits impose upon her, or can she fight them off and hold on to her own life?

***Not appropriate for children under 18!

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