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Brand New: Ghost Stories Around the Fire Pit

No Walking Required! Stories are not included in any of our walking tours!

Grab a seat and join your guide in the courtyard of the haunted Ghosts of Gettysburg Walking Tours Headquarters. Hear about ghostly encounters and unexplained happenings from Gettysburg’s historic haunted downtown and the battlefield that surrounds it.

 The tour price is $16.50/person including tax and lasts 1 hour.

Space is limited!

Children 7 and under are free!

Carlisle Street Tour

  • Stroll over temporary grave sites which seem to release their former contents at will.
  • See where the lost soul “The Blue Boy” hovers outside a dormitory window–three stories up!
  • Walk to the building where two dormitory workers descended in an elevator into a Civil War Hospital–130 years after the war was over!

The tour price is $12.10/person including tax and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Children 7 and under are free!

Baltimore Street Tour

  • Hear stories about the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour Headquarters-where disembodied voices have been recorded and a child has been spotted…a century after his death.
  • Visit the County Courthouse that witnessed the battle, was filled to over-flowing with wounded soldiers…and now holds visitors from another world.
  • See the church where so many amputations occurred they had to drill holes in the floor to let the blood run out and where a spectral undertaker continues to walk to the nearby cemetery…removed decades ago.

The tour price is $11.55/person including tax and lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Children 7 and under are free!

West Confederate Tour

This tour is currently only running on Saturdays

  • Walk with your guide along the streets occupied by the Confederate forces during the battle.
  • Touch the buildings the soldiers touched over 150 years ago; see the site of the home of Gettysburg’s “citizen hero” John Burns who Abraham Lincoln asked to meet;
  • Hear spine-chilling stories from the haunted seminary on Seminary Ridge
  • Hear about the ghostly happenings at the engine house seen on TV’s “Ghost Adventures.” 

The tour price is $12.10/person including tax and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Children 7 and under are free!

Steinwehr Avenue Tour

This tour only runs Saturdays in October

  • See the Gettysburg National Cemetery, where ghostly footsteps follow unwary visitors and the wraith of a shunned Union cavalry commander walks to this day.
  • Walk the grounds of the modern hotel where disembodied phantom arms appear in the dead of night to awaken unsuspecting tourists.
  • Gaze across the fields where Pickett’s gallant men charged to their doom and left bizarre remnants of their passing…and their continued presence!

The tour price is $11.55/person including tax and lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Children 7 and under are free!

The Battle of Gettysburg was horrific. Soldiers teetered on the threshold between this world and whatever comes after. Centuries later, long after the battle, their stories continue. Journey to sites on the Gettysburg Battlefield where mysterious and unexplainable happenings have taken place. These are the true stories of eerie encounters, experienced by visitors to the battlefield. The self-guided audio tour is narrated by Mark Nesbitt, author of the Ghosts of Gettysburg book series.

Meet our Ghosts of Gettysburg guidesWe started adding up the total years of experience that they represent…let’s just say that if a single guide had that many years of experience, they would have taken their first tour well before the Battle of Gettysburg took place!

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